FOX production is mainly divided into two product lines, one dedicated to the production of hydropneumatic accumulators (and its derivatives) and another one dedicated to the construction of specific tools for the control of pressure, level, temperature and flow.

The first line of products is dedicated to the production of a complete range of hydropneumatic accumulators, from the simplest and most common (bladder accumulators, diaphragm accumulators, piston accumulators) to the most customized, with performances up to 1379 bar, large volumes up to 5000 liters or built with special materials (brass, stainless steel, galvanized steel etc.).

The second line of products is dedicated to the production of a complete range of pressure, flow, level and temperature control tools. Specifically:

Pressure control: mechanical pressure switches, electronic pressure switches with display, pressure transducers with output signal.

Flow control: flow switches for fluid and air control, from mechanic tools to electronic ones with display.

Level control: external visual indicator, inside the tank with contacts in exchange or display visualized with remote or infrared signal.

Temperature control: fixed thermostat, adjustable thermostat with remote signal, electronic thermostat with probe, display and remote control.

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