This company studies and realizes systems and solutions for cooling, heating, thermoregulation and heat exchange in the different industrial production processes.

Heat exchangers are particularly important in the range of Tempo products. In particular:

Brazed heat exchangers: type of versatile thermal machine, with high thermal transfer efficiency and suitable for any kind of application and need: in cooling systems, chillers and free coolers, industrial applications for pasteurization, heat pumps, food industries, recovery waste heat, machine tools, lubrication systems for hydraulic oil cooling.

Tube-bundle heat exchangers: present with a complete range both special and standard, they are used in different applications in industrial processes, such as dehumidification, gas cooling, heat recovery, hydraulics and lubrication.

The construction materials can vary from steel, to copper, to stainless steel.

Tempco also takes care of all the different types of accessories, such as condensation separators, condensation drains and control valves.

Inspectable plate heat exchangers: composed of a containment frame that can be in painted steel or in stainless steel (for food or pharmaceutical applications), with a series of plates complete with gaskets applied with clip system, with different thermal lengths, molding depth and crossing angles.

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