Hydraulic products suitable for every need

Automatic filters, duplex filters, bladder accumulators, valves and many other hydraulic products

We handle all the main brands of the hydraulic sector: Mahle – Filtration Group, Fox, Atlantic Fluid Tech, Hydac, Tempco and many others.

In particular:

  • The range of Mahle – Filtration Group hydraulic filters includes pressure filters, duplex filters, suction filters, return-line filters, automatic filters and all Mahle filter elements.
  • The range of Fox products includes bladder accumulators, piston accumulators, diaphragm accumulators and hydraulic accumulators for further fields of application; in addition, it also includes pressure tools such as pressure switches, transducers, level switches and thermostats.
  • The range of Atlantic Fluid Tech products includes hydraulic valves, balancing valves, flow control valves, check and metering valves, manifolds, coils and connectors.
  • The range of Hydac filters includes pressure filters, return-line filters, suction filters, automatic filters and all Hydac filter elements.
  • The range of Tempco products includes brazed heat exchangers, tube-bundle heat exchangers and inspectable plate heat exchangers.


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