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OMEGAFLUID creates, distributes and captures value working in great sinergy with its business partners, excellent top-producers since a really long time.This allows our company to have a wide range of products at the service of the market, becoming a precious point of reference inside it.

We are specialized in the distribution of hydraulic components of all kinds, even very different from one another on the basis of their particular features and types of application. In particular:

The range of Mahle hydraulic filters includes pressure filters, duplex filters, suction filters, return-line filters, automatic filters and all Mahle filter elements.

The range of Fox products includes bladder accumulators, piston accumulators, diaphragm accumulators and hydraulic accumulators for further fields of application; in addition, it also includes pressure tools such as pressure switches, transducers, level switches and thermostats.

The range of Atlantic Fluid Tech products includes hydraulic valves, balancing valves, flow control valves, check and metering valves, manifolds, coils and connectors.

The range of Hydac filters includes pressure filters, return-line filters, suction filters, automatic filters and all Hydac filter elements.


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