Mahle - Filtration Group is a leading company in the filtration of hydraulic fluids and lubricants sector. The continuous development of materials and production technologies guarantees economically and technically optimized products of the highest quality. The industrial filters Mahle - Filtration Group represent the first choice for manufacturers of machines and operators of mobile and fixed hydraulic equipment. Due to their particular technical composition, the filters and filter elements Mahle - Filtration Group can be used for a wide range of applications. The filtration performance of the elements remains constant, even with increasing differential pressures, and they offer maximum protection even under pulsating loads. With the Mahle - Filtration Group clogging indicators, maintenance is simplified and, thanks to the high Dirt-Holding Capacity, it also results in considerable economic efficiency. The range of Mahle – Filtration Group hydraulic filters includes pressure filters, duplex filters, suction filters, spin-on filters, return filters, automatic filters and all the filter elements Mahle - Filtration Group.

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